Coming out to my Christian Grandparents

My grandma and I have a bond that is so strong, ever since I accepted that I was gay I worried and dreaded the day that I would have to come out to my fathers parents. They are Christians and have been all of their lives, great role models for God and amazing people to grow up with and spend time with. It’s known by most of the cousins that I am the “favourite,” I spent a lot of time with them as we were neighbors for around 5 years. Whenever I got bored I would go up to play games like Upwords, help in the garden, do baking or listen to music, but most of all, to spend time with them as I know they will not be there forever.

I have a great bond with both sets of grandparents, my mums parents are not as conservative so when I came out to them they were extremely supportive. Coming out to my dads parents on the other hand, mum and I didn’t really have any idea how it would go…

Would I lose the bond that I had with them? Will they still want me to visit? Will I still be the favourite?

All sorts of questions and scenarios ran through my mind for years until this Tuesday, the 25th of July when I decided it was time they should know. With tears in my eyes and a shaky voice I told them that I was gay, I told them how I did not choose to be this way and how hard it has been to accept that it is who I am. What followed was absolutely amazing, it went something like this…

Grandad – “You are still the same person, you are Lewy (my nickname), we love you and you will always be welcome here, what you do when you leave is your business. Keep praying and most of all, keep God close. We love you!” My grandmother got up and gave me a hug, although there were tears, ultimately I could feel the love that they had.

To witness this truly unconditional love that my grandparents have for me was absolutely wonderful. After years of running scenarios through my mind, I never expected things to go as well as they did. I already respected them very highly, but now this respect has become so much larger. As Christians they showed a true unconditional love, just as I believe God would want them to. I want this to be a message for those who are scared of what people will think, especially with Christianity, but I feel this story shows that some people can surprise you and truly show the unconditional love that we are to have for one another.

As 1 Corinthians 16:14 says, “Let all you do be done in Love.” They did not judge me, they loved me, and I will forever cherish the unconditional love that my grandparents and I share.

Love is Love ❤

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2 thoughts on “Coming out to my Christian Grandparents

  1. Thanks for sharing this part of your journey. Unconditional love is wonderful! It never ceases to amaze me that our brains can so easily imagine the worse. Your honesty and courage allow you to see the truth. But without stepping out and taking the risk, we would never know. Then we are stuck in regret and fear. Even if the worse comes about, at that point God’s grace is available to us, to remind us we are never alone and loved beyond measure.

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