My first blog post – Coming out

Hi! I have never done anything like this before, so please bare with me. With what I have been through lately I have been thinking that I may be able to help other people who have to go through the same sort of things. Being gay is not always easy, especially when you are brought up in a Christian or religious family – both dealing with your families views as well as your own…

After years of trying to deny that I was gay and trying to ‘change’ it, in February, 2017, I finally accepted that it was who I am. I then came out as gay to two friends, my Mum and my Sister; these four all being accepting. Then on the 26th of June I came out to my Father and Brother. This was much harder, in my family they have the strongest Christian beliefs and so I had no idea how they would take it. As my lip trembled, and the cup in my hand shook in fear I said “I am gay” as I broke down into tears. It caught my the by surprise, Dad sat with no words, utterly and completely speechless, thankfully my brother spoke up. He said that he still loves me but that it is going to be hard for all of us. Mum was there with me to support me, I knew it was time to tell them because I could no longer live this lie and have two lives.

After my brother went home and told my Sister-in-law I got a phone call from her, she was upset and was mostly concerned about where I stood with God. I love church, I love God and I have battled with how God will judge me for years. I did not want to be gay, I did not want God to judge me and ultimately I just didn’t understand why it had to be me. I denied the gay feelings for so long but they always came back no matter how hard I tried to be straight, but it does not work like that; it is not a choice, I was born that way. Anyway, my Sister-in-law talked for about 20 minutes, we went in circles, but she just wanted to make sure that I had God in my heart. I then had a second phone call later on from my Brother, he said how he talked to the church pastor and that we should have a family meeting with the pastor from church. I agreed. My next blog will discuss the meeting, if you enjoyed this one and you want to hear more then please let me know. I am not even sure yet as to how you let me know but I will learn the ways of blogging 🙂

Love is Love ❤


5 thoughts on “My first blog post – Coming out

  1. Hang in there…Love IS Love….

    May I suggest a good book:

    God and the Gay Christian-Matthew Vines

    This will supplement the “Church” argument of being Gay is against God’s will…

    It was once told to me by my brother that he loves me, blah blah, blah, “But if Jesus came back he would be disappointed.” This almost sent me over the edge but I am used to the Gay and Christian thing. I thought, “So, we are falling back on hate the sin but love the sinner argument?” Please, get a grip.

    God’s speed on your journey.

    Love IS Love.

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    1. Thanks man, yes I’m planning on giving that book a read! Will have to go out and get a copy. I have also considered getting my brother and father to read that book, giving them another opinion and understanding on the matter, will have a think! Thanks!


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